Question: Do They Ever Find The Gold In Outer Banks?

What episode do they find the gold in Outer Banks?

Episode 9, “The Bell Tower” She then implores John B to run, so he makes a break for it as Ward gets one of his guys to fly the plane of gold to the Bahamas..

Where is the gold Outer Banks?

North CarolinaSet on the Outer Bank islands in North Carolina, this Netflix series is one of treasure hunting and rich kids thinking they’re better than everyone else. What’s new? The show focuses on the Pogues, the working class and the Kooks, the upper class.

Do the Pogues get the gold?

and the Pogues find the gold at the Crain mansion, an estate where an old woman who is believed to have killed her husband lives. They find the gold in a well in the basement of the house. They take one bar and make plans to come back for the rest. But Ward beats them to it and steals the gold for himself.

Who does Kiara end up with in Outer Banks?

But that cardinal rule hasn’t stopped Outer Banks fans from shipping Kiara (Madison Bailey) and J.J. (Rudy Pankow) on Netflix’s breakout hit. The best friends have magnetic chemistry on screen, so much so that even though J.J. is the only guy in Kiara’s friend group she didn’t kiss in season 1 — John B.

Does John B dad come back?

At the start of the show, we meet the orphan John B. (played by Chase Stokes), who swears that his father is still alive despite him having gone missing nine months earlier. By the end of the show’s first season, however, it seems as if we have confirmation that John B.’s father is really dead.

Who is John B’s dad?

The mystery surrounding the fate of John B’s dad Big John was the driving force behind the events of season 1 of Netflix’s Outer Banks. He was lost at sea for months, so the authorities presumed him dead, but John B still had hope that his dad was alive.

Does Kiara like John?

The beginning of the season suggests that Kiara and John B have feelings for one another. … But when John B kisses Kiara, she reminds him of the Pogues’ rule, “no Pogue-on-Pogue macking”. The two remain close friends, but when John B starts a relationship with Sarah, Kiara is deeply upset.

Do Kiara and John B get together?

Throughout Season 1, Kiara gets into shenanigans with the Pogues. She helps them on their adventure to find the gold from the Royal Merchant ship wreck. Kiara kisses John B on the cheek at one point and later on in the season he kisses her, thinking she likes him, but she doesn’t kiss him back and turns him down.

How did Mrs Crain die?

One timeline sees the family moving into Hill House and the spooky events that led up to their mother Olivia’s (Carla Gugino) death by suicide.

Is OBX a true story?

While it’s not based on a true story, the show does have real elements. As WWD reports, creators Josh and Jonas Pate tapped into their own experiences growing up in the Outer Banks for the show’s feel, slang and theme of haves and have-nots. The series revolves around the rivalry between the Kooks and the Pogues.

Is Sarah’s dad bad in Outer Banks?

Beyond Ward’s relationship with Sarah, he is an overall messed up person. … So he is a bad, abusive dad and a highly complicated person with a lot of demons. Yet she keeps relying on him over and over.

Does Rafe get caught in Outer Banks?

Rafe tries to steal from his dad to pay Barry back, but his dad catches him. … Rafe gets let back into the family home. During the manhunt for John B, he and Barry go out to try and find him and deliver him to the police. He’s not successful and John B escapes.

Does John B end up with the gold?

for the murder of Peterkin. Not only has Ward killed John B.’s father and stolen the gold, but now he has turned John B.’s entire island against hm — inadvertently putting a $25,000 bounty on his head in the process. By finale “Phantom,” John B.

What happened to the gold in Outer Banks?

Ward steals the gold right out from under the Pogues, and loads it onto a private plane headed for the Bahamas. John B. pulls his best Dominic Toretto and blocks the runway with a van, so the plane can’t take off.

Did John B and Sarah sleep together?

Sarah then expresses that she’s afraid that if they have sex, and she loses her virginity, that he will not like it — John B says they can wait. Sarah looks at him and says “thank you”, and they have sex. … Outer Banks season 1, episode 7, “Dead Calm” closes with John B joining Sarah’s father Ward for a fishing trip.

Does Kiara date anyone in Outer Banks?

J.J. is the only Pogue Kiara hasn’t kissed The rule may be “no Pogue-on-Pogue macking,” but Kiara didn’t follow that in season 1 of Outer Banks. … ‘ J.J. is the only other Pogue that Kiara doesn’t have any romantic interaction with, so I think that’s why [fans] want it.” Pankow agrees with Bailey.

Did Mrs Crain kill her husband?

Crain is one of the recurring characters in Outer Banks. She is portrayed by Sharon E. Smith. She killed her husband Leon with an axe and hid the body under her house, to later be found by their daughter, Hollis, with his skull looking straight into his eyes.

Does the Sheriff die in Outer Banks?

Sheriff Peterkin (played by actress Adina Porter) was shot and killed by Rafe Cameron (played by actor Drew Starkey). Even if Rafe pulled the trigger, Sheriff Peterkin’s death was, once again, Ward Cameron’s fault. Scroll through the gallery below to learn more about who dies on Outer Banks.

Will there be Season 2 Outer Banks?

The teen drama Outer Banks took Netflix by storm earlier this year and the show will return for Season 2. Outer Banks follows the ongoing class war between the working class Pogues and well-off Kooks on a North Carolina island.

Does Ward kill himself in Outer Banks?

Ward attacks John B, claiming it wasn’t his fault that his father died. Both men fight and struggle on the boat in a tense five minutes, but eventually, John B gets off the boat using a speed boat. Ward injures himself on purpose.

Does Outer Banks have a good ending?

Everyone in the Outer Banks presumes they have died, but they wake up on a boat on the way to Nassau. Though the Netflix series does not say this, this could be a hint that John B.’s father is still alive–after all, he too went overboard and is presumed by everyone in Outer Banks to be dead.

Did Ward kill John B’s dad?

realizes Ward Cameron (Charles Esten) — father to J.B.’s love interest Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline) — is the central figure in the disappearance of Big John. Subsequent episode “The Runaway” reveals the entire story: Ward killed John B.’s dad. Big John is dead.

Why does Kiara hate Sarah Outer Banks?

Pope spoke with Kiara about why she had an issue with Sarah. Kiara emotionally admitted that during her first year at the Kook academy she quickly realized that she didn’t belong. She didn’t’ care about the same things as them and remarked that one of these things wasn’t like the other.