Question: Is Hank Voight Lindsay’S Father?

Who killed Justin Voight?

Justin Voight was the son of Hank Voight and Camille Voight.

He was killed during an investigation his father was working on, involving a friend of his, Melissa Wilds, who was found in her car with her throat slit.

Justin was later found by Hank Voight and Erin Lindsay, shot in his neck in the back of his car..

Does Jay Halstead died in Chicago PD?

Following Chicago P.D.’s fall finale, fans were pretty worried about Jay Halstead’s (Jesse Lee Soffer) fate. … But while Jay took a bullet and is only discharged from the hospital at the end of the winter premiere, he’ll be fine.

Why does Hank Voight shake his head?

“In 1999 I was in a serious car accident,” Beghe told The New York Daily News. “I was intubated, and I kept pulling this tube out of my throat. That’s how I got the voice.” While Beghe’s gravelly voice may have helped his acting career as a hard-boiled detective, he nearly lost his life in the accident.

What happened to Erin Lindsay’s character on Chicago PD?

Sophia Bush shocked audiences earlier this year when she left “Chicago P.D.” after the show’s Season 4 finale. … Bush played Detective Erin Lindsay on the hit NBC show for four years, and had previously refused to discuss what made her leave the role beyond saying in an Instagram comment that “I left because I wanted to.

Why did ruzek go to jail?

Going into Chicago P.D. Season 7, Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger) is facing prison time after covering for Antonio (Jon Seda). He’s refused help from Voight (Jason Beghe) at every turn, and his sergeant has had to let him deal with it on his own.

Are Jay and will Halstead brothers in real life?

Yes, Chicago P.D.’s Jay Halstead and Chicago Med’s Will Halstead are brothers, and they’re the strongest family tie between One Chicago series since the Dawson sibs departed. … With the two shows only occasionally crossing over, it wasn’t going to really matter if they didn’t look like blood brothers.

Who left Chicago PD 2020?

Season 8, but it likely won’t stay that way for long. Lisseth Chavez is leaving behind the Chicago police department to join DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (and chase after aliens) in the 2020-2021 season.

Did Hank Voight kill Kevin?

Kevin Bingham was an criminal who murdered Justin Voight, the son of Hank Voight, in Chicago P.D…..Kevin BinghamStatus:DeceasedCause of death:Killed by Hank VoightPortrayed by:Joseph SikoraFirst episode:P.D.: Start Digging5 more rows

Erin Lindsay is a special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. She is also the foster daughter of Hank Voight and former detective in the Intelligence Section of the Chicago Police Department.

Who is Erin’s real dad?

Hank VoightErin Lindsay/Father

Does Hank Voight have a daughter?

Hank VoightHenry “Hank” VoightOccupationPolice officer Police detective Police sergeantFamilyRichard Voight (father; deceased)SpouseCamille Voight (wife; deceased)ChildrenJustin Voight (son; deceased) Erin Lindsay (foster daughter) Unnamed stillborn daughter15 more rows

Did Voight kill Jin?

Detective Sheldon Jin worked for the Chicago Police Department Intelligence Unit as a Tech and Surveillance expert. He was murdered by the Internal Affairs agent investigating Hank Voight, Edwin Stillwell. … He was found murdered the same day at the same place Voight had taken him to.

Why did olinsky leave CPD?

came to a tragic end for Intelligence Unit Detective Alvin Olinsky (Elias Koteas). He died during surgery after being stabbed multiple times in prison by another inmate. RIP Al. The rest of the episode consisted of a distraught Sgt Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) seeking vengeance for his best friend and colleague.

Is Hank Voight married?

Camille Voight was the wife of Hank Voight, the mother of Justin Voight, and the Grandmother of Daniel Voight, and the foster mom of Erin Lindsay, who described her as a kind woman. She died of cancer or a chemo overdose by her doctor Dean Reybold….Camille VoightRelationshipsHank Voight (Husband)7 more rows