Quick Answer: Who Makes Thermoflask?

What company makes ThermoFlask?

TAKEYA USA CORPORATIONThermoflask TAKEYA USA CORPORATION Glassware & Drinkware | Costco..

Are Hydroflask and ThermoFlask the same?

The two even look similar enough to be confused for each other. So if you don’t care too much about any of the features offered by Hydro Flask accessories, and if you could care less what color your water bottle is, the Takeya ThermoFlask offers some substantial savings for more or less the same thing.

Is ThermoFlask a good brand?

Came across this ThermoFlask brand in Costco where they only sell the 40oz bottles. … These water bottles are of good quality with no metallic taste at all (unlike some other stainless steel water bottles I’ve used before), and they keep the water cold for the entire day.

Which is better ThermoFlask or Hydroflask?

Hydroflask is probably a better choice for people who are already experienced with these kinds of bottles and know precisely what they need. Thermoflask is a better choice for people who want to use one bottle for various purposes, or they can’t decide which lid will suit them best before they try both of them.

Is Takeya and ThermoFlask the same?

The 40 oz Originals Collection Insulated Water Bottle is sometimes marketed or referred to as the ThermoFlask. … The Takeya water bottle is constructed of 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, that is obviously BPA-free. This is also a double-walled insulated bottle, so no condensation issues on the outside.