Quick Answer: Will Hakan End Up With Zeynep?

Does Zeynep die?

Fast forward a few episodes, and in the season finale, Zeynep (Hazar Ergüçlü) was shot as she faced off against Faysal and his wife alongside Hakan.

“Zeynep, stay with me.

Hold on,” Hakan tells his friend in the final scene as Faysal gets away.

“Zeynep you can’t leave me.”.

Do Zeynep and Hakan get together in season 3?

Though new characters come into their lives and disrupt whatever relationship they think they had, the love and loyalty between Hakan and Zeynep are still there and for the third season in a row, we get to see these two great characters work together — albeit, not without hiccups.

Does Zeynep die in Carpisma?

Cansiz has sneaked behind Zeynep and stabbed her, she collapses to the floor. Kadir and Veli rush her to the hospital but its too late, Zeynep is pronounced dead. … He then sobs asking why his loved ones die and he is still here.

Is Levent Hakans brother?

Cagatay Ulusoy International In season two of “The Protector”, Engin Öztürk plays the role of Hakan’s older brother Levent, whom the Immortals had allegedly murdered in childhood. While the brothers were separated, Levent grew up with an adoptive Loyal family, so as to protect him from the Immortals.

Who killed Kemal in Kara Sevda?

But no, he actually dies. I cant believe that i wasted my time with this show because every time i decided to watch one more episode was because it was one episode closer to Kemal, Nihan and Deniz finally living a happy and normal life. But NOO they decided to kill Kemal along with Emir at the end.

Who does Zeynep end up with?

After Faysal was defeated and Hakan ensured Istanbul was safe from the Immortals once and for all, he and Zeynep started to live their lives as they wanted. Fans were happy Hakan and Zeynep ended up together, rejoicing that they were endgame as they had wished for.

Is Kemal going to die in Bittersoet?

His death left fans who wanted to see Kemal and Nihan together at the end, happy with their daughter very trusted, disappointed and heartbroken. Fans wanted Kemal happy with his family but instead the Kara Sevda writers made him die along with Emir.

Is Leyla in Season 3 of the protector?

In season 3, it is a no-brainer that Cagatay Ulusoy will be returning to reprise the lead character. … It’s confirmed that Ayça Ayşin Turan as Leyla Sancak is not appearing in season 3 as well. Other than that, Okan Yalabık and Mehmet Kurtuluş are all set to return with the addition of some new actors.

Is Leyla in Season 4 of the protector?

Mehmet Kurtulus – Mazhar. Ayca Aysin Turan – Leyla.

Does Kemal marry Nihan?

Nihan Kemal now officially married and…

Is Kemal dead?

Deceased (1881–1938)Mustafa Kemal Atatürk/Living or Deceased

Who loves Hakan?

The original Protector is seen being murdered by an Immortal, who he had fallen in love with. This seemingly foreshadows what many fans predicted: that Leyla was resurrected, but as an Immortal. When we first see Leyla — very much alive — she is with Hakan at the hospital as Zeynep lies unconcious in the hospital.