What Age Is Appropriate For Euphoria?

Why is euphoria rated R?

It features lots of boundary-pushing content related to sex, drugs, and sexual violence..

Is euphoria appropriate for 15 year olds?

HBO’s Euphoria Is About Teens, but After Watching the First Episode, It’s Clear It’s an Adult Show. … That said, it’s not necessarily the coming-of-age story for every teen — if any teen — to tune into.

Where can u watch euphoria?

HuluWatch Euphoria Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)

Is Euphoria too graphic?

THR reports that one scene in the second episode shows 30 penises: … The Parents Television Council warned that “HBO, with its new high school centered show Euphoria, appears to be overtly, intentionally, marketing extremely graphic adult content – sex, violence, profanity and drug use – to teens and preteens.”

Should parents watch euphoria?

“I advise parents to watch shows like Euphoria with or without their children. … Kids are exposed in one way or another to explicit content, and it is crucial that parents are aware and knowledgeable themselves of the themes.”

What is euphoria with Zendaya?

Zendaya portrays Rue, a recovering addict who falls in love with the new girl at school, Jules (Hunter Schafer). The series premiered last summer and was expected to return for a second season this year, until COVID-19 shut down production.

What high school is euphoria filmed at?

Ulysses S Grant High SchoolFilming. Confirmed locations include Sony Studios in Los Angeles, Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance, and Ulysses S Grant High School in Valley Glen.

Is euphoria true to life?

But that doesn’t mean they’re not true to some people’s experiences. What Levinson has created is a show, essentially, about a group of teens just dealing with life as best they know, because it’s their life.

Should I let my 13 year old watch euphoria?

Parents may want to preview the first episode of Euphoria to make sure its content is age appropriate for their teens, because age 13 is a far cry from 18 when it comes to generalizing what “all” teens can watch and process.

Is the show euphoria scary?

Sam Levinson’s dark teen drama is unrelenting in its depiction of dangerous behavior, making for a warning so hard to watch it dulls the point. There is a haunting, painful, and personal story at the center of “Euphoria,” as well as a haunting, painful, and affecting performance from its star, Zendaya.

Why euphoria is a bad show?

HBO teen drama ‘Euphoria’ portrays wildly exaggerated sex and drug use, but an addiction specialist said the show could still harm youth. A ghost. … HBO’s new show “Euphoria” depicts a group of high school students as they navigate sex, violence, mental health problems, and drug use.

Is euphoria suitable for a 14 year old?

Days before its launch, the show’s full-frontal depiction of teenage sex, drugs and violence has already divided critics. Foxtel’s executive director of television Brian Walsh warned parents Euphoria is “is not for your 14-year-old”.

Is euphoria really what high school is like?

No high school-set show on television has depicted a vision of a teen experience that’s more replete with sex, drugs, and overwhelming malaise. … But according to Regan, the drama presented in Euphoria bears little resemblance to the average teen’s high-school experience and is more reflective of grown-up fantasy.

Why is euphoria not on Netflix?

Unless you have a subscription to HBO you won’t be able to watch Euphoria in the US. The series is unavailable on Netflix and is only available to stream on HBO’s streaming services HBO Now or HBO GO. … For as long as HBO licenses Euphoria, it won’t be on Netflix anytime soon.

Did Drake produce euphoria?

Drake is going back to TV high school. The Canadian rap superstar, who starred on the Toronto-shot series Degrassi: The Next Generation, is executive producing Euphoria for HBO. The drama series, based on the Israeli show of the same name, is about the lives of high school students.