What Questions Do Midwives Ask At First Appointment?

How do I make an appointment with a midwife?

You can book an appointment with your GP or directly with your midwife as soon as you find out you’re pregnant.

Your GP surgery or a children’s centre can put you in touch with your nearest midwifery service.

You can find your nearest children’s centre through your local council..

How many weeks pregnant do you see the midwife?

Your first midwife appointment (also called the booking appointment) should happen before you’re 10 weeks pregnant. This is because you’ll be offered some tests that should be done before 10 weeks. If you’re more than 10 weeks pregnant and haven’t seen a GP or midwife, contact a GP or midwife as soon as possible.

What do midwives ask at booking appointment?

What questions will my midwife ask?The date of the first day of your last period. This will help your midwife to work out your due date .Any previous pregnancies and miscarriages. … Any health issues in your family. … Your physical and mental health. … Your job. … Your home life. … Your lifestyle.

Should my partner come to first midwife appointment?

Share on. When you go to your antenatal appointments you might like to bring your partner (if you have one), friend or a family member. You can also bring your children. The midwife may also ask to see you on your own at some point during your antenatal care.

What family history do midwives know?

Information You’ll Be Asked to Provide Your family history of any conditions, such as diabetes, birth defects etc. The first day of your last menstrual period. If you’re unsure just give them the earliest possible date that it could be.

How often are midwife appointments?

There will be the booking appointment, then you’ll have checks at around 16, 28, 34, 36, 38 and 41 weeks. If you have health issues or have had a problem in an earlier pregnancy or if there are any concerns about you or your baby, you may have extra antenatal appointments.

What should I expect at my booking appointment?

You’ll be asked about your health and medical history, your family’s health, any medical conditions you have and your lifestyle. You will also be asked about any other pregnancies you’ve had. Some questions may not seem relevant but there’s always a good reason for them.

What do they do at midwife appointments?

Your midwife or doctor should: review, discuss and record the results of any screening tests from the last appointment. use a tape measure to measure the size of your uterus. measure your blood pressure and test your urine for protein.

What should I ask at my 30 week appointment?

30-32 Weeks: Routine prenatal visit to check your weight, blood pressure, urine for protein and sugar, fetal growth, position of the baby and fetal heart rate.

Do they check baby’s heartbeat at first midwife appointment?

Your midwife may also let you hear your baby’s heart beating during your antenatal appointments. It’s difficult to detect a baby’s heartbeat in the first trimester, so she’ll probably listen for the first time at your 16-week appointment. If she doesn’t listen as a matter of routine, you can always ask.

Do midwives do home visits before baby is born?

Seeing a midwife or health visitor Midwives will agree a plan with you for visits at home or at a children’s centre until your baby is at least 10 days old. This is to check that you and your baby are well, and support you in these first few days.

What happens at your first antenatal appointment?

Your doctor or midwife will check your blood pressure, weight and height. You will also be offered a blood test to check your blood group and whether you have anaemia, any infectious diseases or sexually transmitted infections (STIs), as well as checking whether you have rubella immunity.

Do you get a scan at your first midwife appointment?

During your first midwife session why not ask them about the other tests you’ll have to take in the not-too-distant future, like your ultrasound scans and screening tests. Your midwife won’t offer to examine you internally at your first antenatal appointment.

What happens at an 8 week appointment?

The visit will include measuring your blood pressure, height and weight, as well as a breast and pelvic exam, with a pap test if you haven’t had once recently. They’ll also likely take blood to test for your blood type, anemia and other medical and genetic conditions.

How long after first midwife appointment is scan?

You’ll have your first scan at 12 weeks unless there’s a reason for you to have one earlier. Your midwife will book you in for your 12-week scan at this appointment.